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If you are like most people, and coffee is an integral part of your routine, you probably cannot imagine going a whole day without a cup or two or three or four of coffee. Let's say now, however, that you have just moved into a new apartment with very little space in the kitchen. Your roommate says there is no way that big coffee machine will fit in. You sure can't afford to spend $3-4 a cup at the coffee shop; you wouldn't have moved into a small apartment and taken a roommate if you could! The perfect solution is a space saver coffee machine, as long as you know the right one to purchase.

There are a lot of space saver coffee machines on the market today. You can still get the old standby, the drip machine, which doesn't take up much room anyway. This is an easy machine for anyone to use. The best way to use them is to get one of the gold, silver or another type of permanent filter. They make a better cup of coffee because no other flavors but the coffee get into the carafe below, plus you don't have to remember coffee filters all the time.
For the connoisseur, French press or hand press varieties of space saver coffee makers also exist. For those of you who insist this is the only true coffee, you will be happy to learn you can get it in a space savor model.

The new pod type machines can be space saver models. These work by shooting hot water through the pod filled with coffee grinds. It is the closest you can get to European style coffee house coffee without a really specialized machine that takes a lot of space. The grounds in the coffee house machines are fresh, of course, but what a mess to clean up. What about a space saver espresso machine, if that's your thing? If you have to have your old fashioned pressurized coffee, you can get an espresso machine.

You can have your (coffee) cake and eat it too. Have your perfect coffee maker in your small space with a space saver coffee maker.

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