The Truth About Espresso Coffee Makers!

There'a little homework to perform before you rush out and buy the first machine you come across. Your lifestyle plays an important role. Espresso coffee makers now come in three basic models; manual, semi-automatic and fully or super auto-matic.

What's your taste and level of coffee drinking? This is important in establishing before you buy. A light drinker won't be requiring the talents of a mass producing super automatic while a heavy drinker may eventually get frustrated with using a manual machine all the time. The other factor is budget and not everyone has the spare cash to go out and buy a $4000 super automatic model. Let's take a look at the three levels of espresso coffee maker so you are better equipped to make a choice.

Choosing An Espresso Coffee Maker

Manual espresso machines have been available to the home maker for quite some time now and in their time, we're the "ants pants." People who owned one 10-15 years ago were considered trend setters but how times have changed.

Manual machines are best suited to light drinkers who want to have control or a say in how their "cup of joe" comes out the other end. Lever operated, the time required to produce a cup may be too much for some in our "want it now" world but think of the satisfaction you'll get knowing you produced a cup of brew with your own hands. Let me say, I'm one of the impatient types so it's not a manual for me. Prices can vary but some machines can set you back over a $1000. Worth it if you don't mind having to get your hands a little dirty!


The semi-automatic models give you the best of both worlds combining both user control and automatic features. They vary quite a bit in price ranging from under $100 to well over $1000. Most models require the user to start and finish however, some more advanced machines allow the operator to program the quantiy of espresso required. They are suited to heavier drinkers and for those people who tend to entertain a little although the super automatic machines are better suited to the latter option.

Fully Or Super Automatic

These are the "rolls royce" versions of espresso coffee makers. Be prepared to part with a good deal of the "green stuff" to purchase one but they are worth every cent, particularly if you are the type of person who needs coffee "drip fed" on a regular basis. Prices can start from as low as $300-$400 however, the top machines can set you back anywhere from $3000-$4000.

It's hard to mess up a cup of coffee with the super automatic; it grinds the beans, tamps the grounds, spews out a shot of espresso and even separates the unwanted waste. What more could you ask for. But it doesn't stop there as the features are numerous including digital display, automatic steaming and frothing, programmable buttons allowing you to determine strength, volume, small, medium or large cup and temperature. A coffee lovers dream!

Manual vs. Automatic?

It's so vital you don't throw money away on an espresso coffee maker if it doesn't suit your lifestyle. Paying $4000 for a super automatic sounds crazy if you drink one cup of coffee a day. A manual machine may be more to your liking. The same applies to a heavy drinker who has the budget to buy a semi or fully automatic machine.

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