Beautiful Display with the Tea Chest

A tea chest resembles a beautiful jewel box on the outside. However, to tea lovers especially, the contents of the chest might in fact very much be akin to a jewel or a treasure, with its neat and well-presented rows of tea bags.

A tea chest usually comes in solid wood. Handcrafted most of the time, they are often passed from one generation to another as a priceless heirloom. Chests combine graceful splendor and muted elegance, in a timeless wooden finish that captures the spirit of history and time. The most used wood for its making is mahogany. Cherry and oak also follow closely behind. Either in a light tone or deeper hue, chests are crafted to provide a smooth, classy finish with a buffed shine that renders it worthy of gracing every stylish decor and setting. Depending on the availability of local woods, you can also find chests that are made from teak, pine, and also even pecan.

Because of the natural differences in wood, no two tea chests will be identical. This only adds to the uniqueness of the artifact, and the shrinkage in the wood over time also adds to the value of the chest. Brass engraved plates further contribute to tailor and enhance the uniqueness of the chest. At times, you may find chests that are adorned with leather straps or inset with semi precious stones.

The tea chest is often lined with dark felt, typically a deep crimson or velvety black. Chests come with inside compartments designed to accommodate different varieties of tea bags in the same setting. The standard number of compartments varies between 6 to 10 compartments, with 8 being the most frequently found. Each compartment is designed to hold between 10 to 12 individually wrapped tea bags.

The tea chest is one of those few keepsakes that is considered a gift for all occasions. Whether as a wedding gift, anniversary, going away party or a birthday gift, the chest is almost always considered a sound item to present someone with.

The tea chest can be bought empty or already filled with a variety of teas. Some of the teas that come in pre-filled tea chests include Chai Spice, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Jasmine Blossom Green, Orange Spice, Moroccan Mint, Premium Green, Fusion Red & White, Fusion Green & White, and Holiday Chai. Teas can also include caffeine-free herbal teas as well as decaffeinated teas. While you can purchase a chest already fully stocked, part of the fun maybe choosing a variety of teas that you know are favorites of the recipient.

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