Casablanca Tea Room

164. Mercer. St – between Houston and Prince St.
New York 10012
Phone: 212-219-8441

Exclusively delicious food acts as a feast for soul instead of appetite for the body. The food is one of the important parts of a party or get together. It is the delicious dishes that add to the flavor to the party. The mouth-watering dishes presented in a tempting manner hold the capacity to attract people towards it. Though home made food has no comparison but finding a place to supplement home for a change is not an easy task. There are very few places that possess everything good. One of such a good place is named Casablanca Tea Room; it is a place where you would get every facility.

Casablanca Tea Room is one of the best places of New York, where you would find every facility to make your visit a memorable one. This Casablanca is akin to Rick's Cafe of the movie, only a modern version located in Soho and catering to the wealthy, the famous, and the infamous. The cafe would be a sophisticated experience that has never been created before, serving exotic Moroccan tapas mixed with an Italian flair. Amazing food which includes: some of the best mozzarella in the city, Moroccan Marquez with their own spiced olives, plus the most exquisite tea, wine and champagne from around the globe.

Casablanca Tea Room is a gorgeous space. The service is remarkably good and quick. The staff is very friendly and polite that makes the atmosphere jovial one. The restaurant is designed very beautifully that includes excellent interior and exterior. The color scheme and the décor are so cool that you simply love it. The décor of the restaurant is just like a movie set that gives you a feeling as if you are in some beautiful movie. The menu has a wide range of dishes to let you choose your favorite one. Every dish available here, is made by the expert chiefs who give every dish a special taste.

Casablanca Tea Room is a brilliant place to be there for any occasion or otherwise. The brilliant service, delicious food and welcoming atmosphere all together surely would find a good place in your sweet memories. It is termed as a must go place. So, check it out!

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