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Tea lovers worldwide are for a special treat. They can now cherish the look of the tea apart from its taste. You may be in doubt how the look of the tea can be cherished. Yes, that’s true with the unique blooming tea concept. Though people from around the globe have come to know about its existence only few years back, the blooming tea has been in practice in China for decades. Known as ‘Art Flower Tea’ inside China, blooming tea is all about arranging tea leaves with scented flowers and presenting them in the form of hand-tied blossom teas. These blossom teas are then supplied to every nook and corner of this world.

The popularity of blooming teas is on the rise. Some credit for this popularity must be given to which has been striving hard to popularize this classic form of tea-making since its inception. The initiatives taken by it have earned rich dividends now. The specialty of the site lies in its unique collection of blossom teas, tied teas and flavored teas. More than 30 innovative and attractive blossoms are exhibited on the site. But that number is steadily increasing with the addition of new artful blooming teas and tea deals.

As various aromatic flowers are a key ingredient of this form of tea-making, as a customer, you can shop these art-teas in accordance with the type of flower used in them. Whether you adore the fragrance of marigold, rose, jasmine or osmanthus, you’ll find every variety in abundance at Blossomingleaf. You can also purchase unique mountain tea flowers surrounding a plateau of fine green tea.

Blossomingleaf not only offers fine teas to its valued customers, it also enhances their shopping experience through the offer of attractively packaged designer teasets. Watch out for new and beautiful blooming teas as well as the existing teas in high demand and great gift ideas on its home page. These sections keep updating regularly to provide freshness to the customers. You can also avail the offer of free shipping of your products if your shopping bag is valued more than $50. The site also assures you about the freshness of teas for two weeks. So what are you waiting for? Tea lovers grab this opportunity now.

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