Less Commonly Known Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has been claimed to be the cure all for many modern ailments and as such has been subject to many scientific studies.

You probably already know that green tea is an excellent antioxidant but there are other claimed benefits of green tea such as helping to prevent arthritis, even cancer and the protection of the cells of your heart and liver.

Finally, it is commonly claimed that green tea helps to boost and strengthen the immune system thus increasing your body’s natural defenses against disease.

Prevention of Arthritis

Studies suggest that the antioxidants in green tea delay the arthritic process as well providing extra relief to those suffering the painful symptoms.

Slowing Down Cancer

The second of many claimed health benefits of green tea is its ability to prevent or slow down cancer. Recent studies have shown significantly lower levels of cancer amongst Asian communities who drank green tea.

It has to be stressed however that research is continuing to see if the possible correlation between the regular use of green tea and a perceived lower risk for cancer is upheld or is a mere coincidence.

Some encouraging preliminary findings have suggested that the health benefits of green tea may prevent cancer in many of the body’s vital organs. These include the bladder, the upper and lower digestive tract and the pancreas.

Protection For Your Heart

Antioxidants have shown promise in the reduction of levels of cholesterol, minimizing cardiac disease and controlling hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure.

Other studies have shown that antioxidants were beneficial in minimizing the bonding of blood cells. The implications of this benefit would be the reduction in clotting which is associated with strokes and heart disease.

Protecting Your Liver

Current research suggests there is a strong correlation between the antioxidants found in green tea and the day to day healthy functioning of the liver.

The liver rids the body of toxins and is one of the most important organs for good health. It is the liver that prevents bodily damage caused by common toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes, impurities in the air we breathe and harmful chemicals in our food and water.

However, even the liver can only take so much it too can suffer from too many harmful substances being put through it. Green tea studies strongly suggest that it offers added protection to the cells that comprise the liver in addition to its role in stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

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About The Author, Trevor Sadowski
Trevor Sadowski is a recent convert to the benefits of green tea using it both to aid in his weight loss campaign and to take advantage of the many other health benefits it offers.