Organic Green Tea

The Chinese have always known that green tea is beneficial to health and there have been many studies that back up these claims. It seems that Green tea contains a variety of beneficial chemicals, including anti-oxidants. With just two or three cups a day you could feel a difference in your body and mind. The anti-oxidants combat the harmful chemicals called 'free radicals' that are a by-product of processes within the cells of your body. These free radicals are believed to contribute to a variety of ailments and diseases including cancer and heart disease. Out of all the types of tea, green is understood to be the most potent in terms of health giving properties. This is because it is the least processed of all teas.

But in order to gain the full benefits of these healthy antioxidants, it is best to drink Organic teas. Why? Teas that have been grown using artificial fertilisers to force them to grow faster and bigger may well have lower levels of these beneficial chemicals - it stands to reason. The leaves will have grown faster and so the good chemicals may not have had time to develop fully, so although you will get a cheaper product, it is likely not to be as beneficial as an organically grown crop.

Plants that are grown organically suffer less from disease and insect attack than their artificially fertilised counterparts. This is because they grow too fast and too large which weakens them. It is not the natural state of affairs. Even if an organically grown tea bush does suffer from disease or insect attack, it inevitably will recover sooner and more effectively.

In addition, the tea plants may have been forced and the leaves picked out of season. This means that the natural rhythm of the plants will have been disturbed and again that may have a bad effect on the formation of the antioxidant polyphenols in the leaves.

But that's not all, if you compare the taste of a gourmet quality green tea with a mass produced version that you can buy in the local health shop for half the price of a top quality organic tea, there is no comparison. The gourmet tea wins hands down. The leaves have a beautiful colour in the cup, the aroma is exquisite and the flavour is strong. In our fast-moving world today, the temptation is to go for the quick and easy option of tea bags. But if you go down that route, expect to feel no benefit and to experience a very bland flavour. Why? Because tea bags are made from the fannings or dust of the tea production process. These are the bottom end in terms of quality and because the particles are so tiny, they oxidise rapidly and more thoroughly than leaf tea. The beneficial chemicals are destroyed along with any flavour. If you enjoy green tea bags then you are missing out on the true flavour and benefits.

In other words, you get what you pay for, so if you want to enjoy drinking tea and potentially improve your health, buy a good quality leaf tea.

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