Tea: White Persian Melon Tea

White Persian Melon tea is one of the most delicious white tea blends you’ll find. However, like many other white tea blends, it can be difficult to find. And, White Persian Melon tea can be made from many different varieties of white tea.

Each will have its own unique flavor based on the type of white tea that is used for the base of the tea. Most white tea is grown in China and Japan. However, what many people don’t realize is that white tea is grown in India and Sri Lanka, and that these regions of the world are rapidly gaining ground in the white tea market.

White Persian Melon Tea made from these teas will taste just a bit different than White Persian Melon tea made from Chinese or Japanese white teas.

Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Tea

Ceylon is the colonial name for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the third largest tea producing area in the world, but is mostly known for its black teas. In fact, tea production is Sri Lanka’s largest employer, providing work for more than one million residents.

Approximately 19% of the tea consumed in the world is Ceylon tea, but the vast majority of this tea is black. White Ceylon tea is grown just in the Nuwara Eliya region near Adam’s Peak, where the altitude is about 2200-2500 meters above sea level.

All Ceylon teas have a distinct flavor that is different from Indian and Asian teas. Ceylon is a very mild tea, and is often recommended for new tea drinkers since it has lots of flavor, but retains its mildness. When it comes to the Ceylon White Persian Melon teas, the color is very light with gold to copper color.

The tea’s flavor will be a nice combination of honey flavor with the melon taste. This White Persian Melon tea will be just a bit sweeter than many others.

Ceylon white teas are very rare and very prized. They are all harvested, rolled and infused with their flavorings strictly by hand. Because of this, and because white Ceylon teas are grown only in a small area of the country, White Persian Melon Ceylon tea will be more expensive than some other White Persian Melon teas.

India’s Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling is well known tea producing tea region in the northeastern part of India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, between Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. Darjeeling is one of the most well known tea producing regions in the world, and Darjeeling tea is known for its very distinct flavor.

Today the Darjeeling region boasts more than 80 tea gardens over 19,000 hectares. Tea production employs over 52,000 Nepalese people full time, with another 15,000 people employed part time during the plucking season.

Darjeeling teas are known for their muscatel flavor, as well as their astringency and floral bouquet. Darjeeling tea gets this distinct flavor because of the cool moist climate, fertile soil, heavy rain and gradually sloping terrain of the Darjeeling region of India.

Darjeeling white tea is far rarer than Darjeeling black teas. Darjeeling white tea is very mild and slightly sweet like other white teas. It brews to a pale golden color, and because it is less compact than many other teas in loose form, requires more tea leaves per cup.

However, it still retains the astringency and muscatel flavor of Darjeeling black in a lighter flavor.

Darjeeling White Persian Melon Tea will be a refreshing combination of muscatel flavor with the light flavor of melon and the traditional sweetness of white tea.

When you’re shopping for White Persian Melon Tea, it’s important to look at the variety of white tea used as the base for the tea. As you can see, each country’s white tea has unique characteristics, and will lend these characteristics to the White Persian Melon tea.

As a general guide, purchasing White Persian Melon Tea in the variety of white tea you like best is certain to ensure that you choose a tea that you’ll love. However, keep in mind that White Persian Melon Tea, like other white teas is rare and hard to find. You may not be able to find every variety of white tea flavored with melon nectar.

If you’re a bit on the adventurous side, however, you might choose to buy a White Persian Melon tea in a variety of white tea you’ve never tried. You’ll get subtle taste changes with every variety of White Persian Melon Tea you sample. It’s likely that you’ll find all of them delicious and refreshing, but you may have one that’s your absolute favorite.

Whatever White Persian Melon Tea you choose, be certain that it’s made from only the finest loose white tea combined with high quality melon nectar. Purchasing your tea from a high quality tea shop, whether local or online is the best way to ensure that you get very good tea.

Whether you choose White Persian Melon tea made from Ceylon tea, Darjeeling tea or a more traditional Chinese or Japanese variety of white tea, you’re sure to be delighted with this sweet and delicate blend of flavored white tea.

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