The Growing Popularity of Unsweetened Tea

At a time when more people are looking for ways to be more health conscious, it only makes sense that unsweetened tea would experience a growing surge of popularity. Here are some of the reasons that unsweet tea is becoming a staple in the lives of more people every day.

People have long been aware of the antioxidants that are found in brewed tea. As more people think in terms of various blends of tea to clean their body of toxins, the idea of consuming the tea with no additives to weaken or interfere with those antioxidants has gained ground. As a result, many people are choosing to enjoy a cup of hot tea or a glass of iced tea without any type of added sweetener. In fact, many people find they actually enjoy the taste, unfettered by any type of sweetness.

Other people find that they either do not trust the artificial sweeteners that are found in diet sodas. A few people report stomach upsets or headaches when using those products. For persons who do not favor diet sodas for one reason or another, the use of unsweetened tea only makes sense. There is nothing within the tea to cause the same type of problems and the fact that tea can actually be good for digestion just makes it all the more sensible.

Of course, some people have no problem with artificial sweeteners, but they still prefer their tea unsweetened when brought to the table. This is because the unsweet version of the tea allows them to control what type of sweetener is used, and how much. Control can be very important to someone that has a reaction to one type of sweetener, and may prefer to use just a little of another type. Most restaurants will offer at least two and sometimes three sweetening options, which makes unsweet tea all the more popular.

As unsweetened tea continues to gain in popularity, we will no doubt find other reasons to enjoy the natural flavor of the tea, perhaps even recapturing an Old World familiarity with hot teas that may be lacking in some parts of our culture currently. The fact is that unsweet tea is here and will no doubt become even more a part of our lives in the years to come. So why not join the bandwagon and try a hot cup of unsweetened tea today, or go for a tall cold glass of iced tea with no sugar added? You may quickly find that you prefer the taste after all.

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