A Good Wine

If to dine to proper house is often satisfied us with what is in the refrigerator, when he has lunch in a good thick restaurant it is submitted us to the suggestions of refreshing to taste the dishes more worked and less communes.

There is who in his launchings you travel it pleasantly discovers the specialties of every place; certainly in Italy there are typical refreshing for every region, as you can also taste the typical wines of zone.

There are in Toscana as in Emilia Romagna and practically in all the regions of Italy, different possibilities to taste cheeses, oils, wines and first dishes that in every zone they change their taste and taste thanks to the customs and tipicitĂ  of whom us alive. Every region also recognizes him from its kitchen and restaurants and restaurants always introduce clients to the palates of the loris the dishes of the place, every trip making pleasant and savory.

It is custom in fact to remember of a city and of its region, to always purchase some culinary particularities of its, from the simple biscuit to the cake, thin to arrive in Emilia, to the typical mortadella Bolognese, to the lasagne and the tortellini. If the choice for a good bottle perhaps more difficulty results to the more and we often submits us to the suggestion of an expert that even he makes us taste some the aftertaste of the wine that proposes us, when it comes with first dishes, sweets and salty, meat and many fish of us know how to perfectly orient following his own taste. If a food likes know us whether to find it.

There is who is more believer to his own earth and his dishes and who instead he also makes to conquer from the typical kitchen that discovers in some distant trip and even it finds so some dainty varying to the most common dishes.

The first and the second like to the palate of everybody, both that we prefer the meat both that we love anymore the fresh fish.
A same dish cooked by South to North of Italy assumes thousand variations that make always only and special. Certain the traditionalists of Bologna are faithful "al parsot, al cudghen, al zampon, al sufrett, e al turtlèin a la bulgnaisa!

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