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As a wine lover, you must be very possessive about the bottles of wine you have collected for yourself. It is a great feeling to have the finest wine in your personal bar. You would simply love the kind of admiration you get from your friends. However, all your money that you have spent in purchasing the best quality wine will go waste if you don’t pay special attention about storage of these wines.

The best thing is to remember that better storage conditions and factors will store wine for many years to come without deteriorating its taste or quality. Most people are under a notion that storing wine for several years together will enhance its’ taste. This concept is absolutely true but will not work if you don’t follow proper storage rules. If you fail to store your expensive wines properly, be prepared to taste nothing better than just some quantity of vinegar.

There are several age old methods used to store wine. One of the famous ones includes storing wine in tight containers. This method was invented by the Romans. They were successful in storing wines for about more than hundred years with this method. However, this practice became almost extinct with the end of the Roman Empire. You can also try this method to store your favorite wines. However, you need to take special care of certain factors prior to actually storing your wine.

Here are some instructions that will help you store your wine in a good manner and enjoy it too.

a)Time period:
Time period is very essential factor to consider. You should know exactly what time period you should store your wine for. In case, you are interested in purchasing cheap wine, then you can consider storing them for about three to five months. Storing for more than this time period will affect the overall quality of wine. If you are into high quality, expensive wines, you can easily store them for many years together. You don’t require to open these bottles early unless you have to.
b)Storage conditions:
Storing wines for a particular time period is ok. However, you should give importance to the conditions of the facility where you would be storing these wines. These conditions will greatly affect the quality and taste of wine. You need to focus on a lot of things such as humidity, temperature, light, vibration, angle of the bottle etc. The humidity of the storage unit should not exceed or lower than seventy percent. Avoid direct sunlight and vibration when storing wine bottles. Maintain a temperature between fifty five degrees Fahrenheit or twelve degrees Celsius. Never ever keep your wine bottles on top of electric equipments. This will affect its’ taste.
c)Limit your dose:
You need to limit your wine dose to only one to two drinks per day. You would be able to enjoy more with less quantity. Try to finish off the bottle within a few days of opening it.

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