What is Ice Wine?

Ice wine is one of the most precious wines produced under a particular weather condition. Ice wine is a rare wine and mainly produced in the Northwestern Pacific region.

It is an irony that in this world anything of supreme quality is made in a very small quantity. The highest quality and lack of availability makes the product precious and rare. Only a few lucky ones who have enough money in their wallet can avail those precious products. Like diamond, ice wine also comes in that elite league of products which we all dream of and hope to experience. Too much dependency on weather makes ice-wine hard to produce. Yet when the precise weather condition arrives, the wine maker gets ready to produce this priceless wine.

To produce ice wine the basic requirements are fully ripened grapes, temperature between -13 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius

and that too for several days continuously and most importantly the whole making process should be completed in a very short time. Usually in the night grapes that are frozen are plucked by hand. For a bottle of ice wine, grapes of a full vine may be required. After collecting the grapes, they are pressed very delicately, only to collect the free running juice. The frozen water crystals along with the sugars and other particles in the juice ferment together and wonderful ice wine is formed. This makes the ice-wine very special.

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