At What Temperature Should Wines be Kept

Along with everything else, wine temperature is a critical factor in the storage of wines. First of all, you should know that white wines tend to be affected more easily by any temperature fluctuations than red wines are.

That said, a good constant wine temperature to keep your in wines would be a steady 50 degrees fahrenheit - 55 degrees fahrenheit / 10 degrees celcius - 12 degrees celcius. You can go between temperatures of 40 degrees fahrenheit - 65 degrees fahrenheit / 5 degrees celcius - 18 degrees celcius, but the fluctuations should be minute if at all.

Going through a slow change in the wine temperature conditions is alright and won’t unduly damage the wine, but you should look to keep the fluctuations as small as possible, with the theory that almost no fluctuations are the best.

However, since we live in the real world, to achieve this degree of wine temperature steadiness, you’ll need a temperature controlled environment.

Storing the wine in a place where the wine temperature fluctuates dramatically can harm or even prematurely age the wine.

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