Beat the deadly wine hangover

Wine is the best way to celebrate an occasion, a promotion, your birthday or having a great time with your friends over the weekend. Wine is considered to be the favorite and royal drink by most people across the globe. The reason is its unique taste and the excitement and energy it provides the body immediately after the consumption. Many health benefits associated with this drink has also made it extremely popular with millions of people around the world.

Drinking wine is fun but bearing the hangover after overindulging in it is just impossible. The headaches, body feels restless and nothing seems to work well. In fact, the Sunday is wasted in getting rid of the hangover you came with last night.

Don’t worry; there are a lot of ways you can adopt in order to stay away from the hangover and removing it if you have been caught by it. Here are some tips to get rid of the hangover of wine.

Drink plenty of water. This is a great solution when it comes to getting rid of the hangover you suffered from due to overindulgence in wine over the weekend. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Hence, it is important to replenish it with lots of water. Drink at least one glass of water before each glass of wine you desire to take. This will hydrate your body and also prevent you from overindulging in wine. Water will help you to fight off the hangover monster.

b)Milk time:

Milk is good for health. You must have heard this cliche for many times.

However, drinking milk actually provides you a lot of benefits when it comes to removing the hangover due to overindulgence in wine. Drink milk before having your glass of wine. It provides a protective coating to the stomach and aids in absorption of the alcohol you intake.


If you want to get rid of a severe headache after indulging in wine, take an aspirin. It will work wonders. Strictly avoid paracetamol or ibuprofen. These medicines usually have bad effects on liver when they get in touch with alcohol.

d)No dark drinks:

Red wine and whiskey are a total no-no if you want to stay away from the hangover. If you cannot avoid whiskey, try to mix it with soda or water.

e)Salt is dangerous:

Salt is diuretic. It has a tendency to enhance the process of dehydration.

f)Prescription drugs are dangerous:

You should not consider mixing wine with prescription drugs. Most people usually mix wine with prescription drugs to enhance the effects of wine and save money on the number of glasses they have.

g)Have snacks:

Consider having snacks that consists of bread and pasta. Have meal an hour before you want to drink wine. This will absorb the alcohol efficiently and keep you away from over indulgence in wine.

Getting rid of hangover is not easy. You can make this process easy via following the expert tips mentioned above.

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