Wine Drinking Guidelines

Drinking has become a part of almost any social gathering. It has become a tradition now to have a drink at every happy occasions. In the West, sensible drinking is now socially acceptable. On such occasions some people drink alcohol without judging their drinking limits, resulting in embarrassing and often regrettable behaviour. Studies show that over 60% of all road accidents happen as a result of drinking alcohol.

To avoid such situations, and enjoy the taste as well as effect of wine, you need to know and stay within your limits, never go beyond them. If you heed this simple advice, you will always enjoy yourself and avoid those pitfalls associated with over-indulgence of alcohol.

Alcohol directly affects the nervous system and even a little amount of alcohol can be harmful. Under the influence of alcohol, people are deceived into believing that they are within their safe limit of drinking wine, but the truth is different. There is no safe limit when it comes to wine or any other alcoholic drinks. If you are driving or operating machinery of any kind, the best advice is to avoid alcohol.

There are different levels of alcohol intake for men and women, based on medical and scientific researches. We should remember that there is no level of drinking that is safe for everyone of us, all the time. There are several factors to be considered like health, age and weight. Individual will power is a major consideration, too. For some people, the only safe option is no alcohol.

Modern science has taught us that women should avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Drinking is directly related to the Body-Mass Index (BMI) of people. Thin people should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks. After drinking people should avoid any activities that might involve decision making, like driving, boating, scuba diving, or operating complex machinery

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