Wine Tasting vs. Wine Drinking

There are some very important differences between wine tasting and wine drinking. Any average palate can consume wine and even enjoy it. Wine tasting goes beyond simply enjoying a tasty alcoholic beverage. It involves an appreciation for the wine, along with restraint. Wine tasting is also a love for companionship with others who also enjoy the art of wine. Wine tasting is a healthy and flavorful lifestyle, whereas drinking can be pointless and damaging.
Wine drinking is really no different than any other kind of drinking, whether beer or hard liquor. There is a lack of appreciation for the flavor of the wine, and too much concentration on its side effects. People drink wine to get drunk just like any other form of alcohol. Wine drinkers lack the sophisticated enjoyment of the subtle qualities which make fine wines truly special.
Wine tasting, on the other hand, involves a true love of each individual wine for its unique qualities. Tasters enjoy the wine which they drink, but on a higher level. A wine taster does not simply like the taste of what they drink. He or she can detect the flavors in the wine which blend to create such a lovely experience.
Wine tasters also practice restraint. One cannot appreciate the qualities of a wine if he or she is intoxicated. True lovers of wine will limit their tasting to small quantities of each wine. The less you drink, the more you can sample and broaden your palate. When a wine taster has reached his or her limit, he/she knows when to quit. One cannot savor the true enjoyment of a wine unless they are in the correct mind frame.
Wine tasting involves a lifestyle promoting good friendships nurtured over a glass of wine and conversation. Wine drinking, conversely, involves a potentially damaging lifestyle with late nights at a bar or in your home feeling unlike yourself. Wine tasters enjoy meeting new people and expanding their friendships along with their taste buds. Trips to vineyards, even just local ones, and regular wine tasting events are all part of the real wine tasting lifestyle. They bring wine tasters together from the community and help to forge lifetime friendships among people with similar interests.
Wine tasting is a world away from simple wine drinking. Even drinkers will have their favorites and may even be knowledgeable about different wines. The difference is not in what they enjoy, however, but rather in how they enjoy it. Wine tasting is a healthy, fun, and social hobby to enjoy. It’s a better way to enjoy a tasty drink. Know what your tasting, and drink it sparingly with friends. Wine tasting is a wonderful way to enjoy your time over just plain drinking; your taste buds and liver will thank you.

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