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Once you are done with purchasing different wine from vineyards of wine country you must purchase wine glasses accordingly for your home to keep up the memory intact for years. Whether it's huge and circular with a wide mouth, or tall, thin and differently shaped, a wine glass is a vessel designed to augment wine appreciation. The main purpose of the glass is to hold liquid. At some places you can also find wine glasses to be like a jelly jar. This is rural and easy, and for many wines this will do very well.

Reason for purchasing different wine glasses:

• The one who loves the wine will surely twirl the glass to enjoy the aroma. If the mouth of the glass is widened and the size is large then it's easy to collect aroma. So for the wines with the majority to proffer by the specialty of aroma, a larger glass, 12 ounces or more is best. Since the quantity of wine might be too much just fill half of the glass. You can easily avail these glasses at wine country.

• Tall and tapered glass should be used to serve shiny wines. These glasses can withstand the rising bubbles and can also serve aroma lovers.

• Using traditional glasses or antique glasses can be other added advantage to the adventure lovers. This can bring back the grandma day memories.

• Clear glasses are always suggested to be used to enjoy the wine completely.

Most of the vineyards and good wine shops in the wine country have glassware for sale. You can talk to them and explain your requirements and they'll get back to you with the glass of your expectations.

Wine Lasting:

Once you open the wine there is a certain time period through which wine can last and later the taste has different sensation. This is due to exposure of wine to the air resulting in deterioration of flavor and aroma.

Chilling will minimize the loss of taste and aroma. The finest way is to decant the wine into small bottles. Keeping a little quantity of wine in a bottle more with space is not suggested. If you don't feel like decanting the wine into small bottle then you can put cleaned marbles into the wine bottle to raise the wine up to the rim of bottle. This is a alternative technique mostly used by many of the wine purchasers from vineyards of wine country.

As several kinds of wines are available in the market, different wines have different storage technique. White wines if refrigerated lasts longer than the red wine. It is always suggested to finish the wine once it has been opened within a day or two to enjoy its actual taste. Prolonging the treat after opening is not a good idea.

For sparkling wines you can easily avail special sealers that can help you in keeping the bubble fresh. In wine country you can avail these sealers from the tasting rooms. Many wines available in the market can be maintained for a week or long. The expiration of the wine completely depends upon the type of wine and the storage techniques.

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