Choosing the Right Summer Wines

There are so many things that we associate with summer - lazing around the swimming pool, cooking outdoors, picnics by the lake, and of course some wonderfully refreshing wines. Anyone can drink beer or pack soda for a romantic picnic, but why settle for the "same old" when you can tickle your palate with something crisp, fruity, sweet, refreshing, and a perfect complement to your other summer fare? If you're trying to choose just the right summer wines, we can help. Here are some quick tips for you to remember.


Of course you need to choose summer wines that are light in body. There is nothing worse on a warm summer day than being weighed down by a heavy drink of any variety. This doesn't necessarily mean just white wines. There are many light and crisp red wines that are fruity and sweet but not as heavy-bodied as you might expect. A white Zinfandel is a perfect choice, as it's both light and crisp, and perfectly refreshing for your lighter summer fare. Another choice may be a Muscadet from France; the taste is a bit fruity but very zesty and a perfect taste for summer days.

Your Menu Options

Some years ago, a woman who came into a certain Starbucks every day for a cappuccino decided on one hot summer day that there was nothing wrong with having her beverage over ice - and a tradition was born. One of the important things to remember about summer wines is that you don't need to be tied to stringent rules about which wines are served room temperature and which should be served chilled, and which what wine to serve with what food. If you're having burgers, which are of course red meat, there's no reason you can't have a refreshing white wine. A nice chilled glass of your favorite choice can actually be a wonderful palate cleanser when enjoying your favorite outdoor fare. And there's nothing wrong with having a red wine that's been chilled. You never know what tradition you're going to start.

Of course your choice will depend on your menu too. If you're opting for the typical lighter fare of fish and salad, then some red wines might be a bit too heavy, even if they are chilled. You might do well to stick with the lighter wines when your menu is a bit lighter as well.

Special Wines

Summertime is the best time to try some special fruit wines that you might not have tried before. Many great wines are made with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, and of course a good combination of these. Serving these special or exotic wines chilled can be a perfect treat for a summer picnic or an afternoon relaxing by the pool or on the lake.

Many who make their own homemade wine find that summertime is perfect for opening those bottles of special fruit wine that they've been letting age for some time. Summer wines are a great treat for lazy days and special o

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