Things that can impair wine tasting

Smells. You shouldn’t really wear perfume or cologne to a wine tasting and you shouldn’t smoke even. But it can happen, and unfortunately some people do wear perfume to wine tasting and some people do smoke. In fact without your knowledge maybe your whole house was cleaned in lemon scented or pine scented polish, which might also contribute its own odor to the whole wine tasting affair. So remember to leave your perfumes, colognes and smoking materials behind when you go for a wine tasting.

The wrong glassware can also impede a person’s enjoyment of wine and should be taken into consideration if you’re serving wine.

Again quite a lot depends on the guests you’ve invited and whether it’s a formal or informal affair. Which in turn leads us to our next subject: guests, or in other words bad company. If you’re hosting a wine party then one of the best ways to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves is to make sure that your guests don’t clash with each other. This might be hard on a grand scale, but then again on a grand scale there would be enough space and enough people for those wished to avoid each other! It’s easier with a smaller party where most of your guests will likely know each other and get along to a great extent.

Overly chilled or warm wines. If the wines aren’t chilled to just the right temperature, this can greatly change the way the flavor of a wine is perceived. Too warm and you might get one sensation, while too cold and you will almost definitely get a different sensation. Having said that, it’s always best to over chill the wines as you can always warm them up slightly by leaving them out at room temperature. But if you have a warm wine, it’s more time consuming to chill it to the right degree.

Tainted wine. This speaks for itself, and to plan for this contingency you might want to have one or two backups, just in case. After all, good wine never goes to waste, and bad wine might hopefully be able to be returned. Unless of course you’ve been keeping it for a few years, in which case you’ll need to write it off!

Dim lighting. This can seriously impair the enjoyment of quite a few wine drinkers and should be avoided if possible. This sort of dim restaurant lighting doesn’t help the ardent wine tasting enthusiast to get along with their first sensory experience, that of sight.

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