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When at a wine tasting certain etiquette must be observed. Generally speaking, the white wines will be served before the reds, with the dessert wines last of all. Lighter-bodies wines are served before the fuller-bodies ones within each category. Guests are not expected to finish each glass of wine. Jars are provided to dispose of excess. Water and crackers are often provided to cleanse the palate between tastes, so that the flavour of the preceding wine does not mix with the present one.

When you go to a winery for a wine tasting, you dont have to buy a wine - unless you booked the tasting yourself. But if you ask for a second taste of a specific wine, then it is good manners to actually buy a bottle of it. Some wineries charge a tasting fee that is applied to purchases.

When choosing wine at a restaurant, the waiter or sommelier will pour a small amount into the hosts glass first. If the host approves, then the wine will be served in a clockwise direction with ladies first. If the host does not like the wine, he should send it back immediately after his first taste.

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