Tips For Collecting Wine

The senses and pleasures that wine can bring to anyone are indescribable. No Wonder wine is usually saved for special occasions and celebrations. Unfortunately, the high regard for this special drink alienates many people. Despite the growing popularity of wine collecting many people are still afraid to keep more than a few bottles thinking that it is a complicated endeavor reserved for connoisseurs. However in reality, wine collecting isn't that complicated when you know these crucial tips for keeping wine:

1. Wine is cheaper when bought by bulk, so it is good to buy by the case; after all, having just a few bottles would hinder you from savoring wine's pleasures regularly.

2. The rule that wine becomes better with age is not really an all-encompassing law, there are wines meant to be kept for long times while there are those meant to be drank around the time they are bought. Fortunately the rule is not really that hard. Table wines are good to drink around the year they are released, white ones can be last around two years, red ones last for about five years. Vintage wines can be stored up to 10 or even 20 years.

3. Wines should be kept in cooler temperatures: around 45 to 60 degrees F for white wines and 50 to 65 degrees for red wines. The best place would be in the basement where sunlight can be kept away. The refrigerator is somewhat cold but if there is no other option, it can be a good substitute. There are also refrigerators that are specifically designed for storing wines, these are good investments.

4. Bottles should be stored on their sides, keeping the wine in contact with the cork.

5. It is helpful to put ID tags on the necks of the bottles to make it easy to know which wine is which without disturbing their positions. It is best to keep wines of the same vintage together for easy reference.

6. Wines that are bound to be used more often should be kept near the storage door and those for special occasions should be stored deeper.

7. It is good to keep an inventory of the wines to ensure proper keeping of supplies.

8. Befriending one's wine supplier is a good way to always get the best wines for the lowest costs. Wine dealers know more about wines, and they are good source for tips and tricks about wine collecting.

The joys of wine collecting are truly remarkable when you know important facts about wines.

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