Do You Know How To Select Wine?

If you are going for dinner with somebody else then you have to decide what food you are going to take, whether it is red or white meat, Spicy or Less Spicy, Vegetables or fruits.

Red wine goes with Red Meat and Sauces while White wine is best suited for White meat such as chicken, Fish or Pork.

Easy way to select wine

Nowadays there are ratings available for product out there. So one of the easy way to select a wine is to find its ratings.

Where does one look to find wine ratings?

The easiest place to find wine ratings is to check online. Do a simple search online. The search will reveal many pages dedicated to wine. By checking the wine ratings on these sites, you should be able to get a good idea of what bottle you’re looking for.

Check for other factor like….

If the wine is going to be shared with food. If so, make sure you’re getting the right blend for the food you’ll be eating. For instance, if you’re going to be eating Italian food, red wine might be your best choice. So check the wine ratings and read up on the various blends so that you can make a good decision the next time you’re searching for that special occasion.

Types of Wine

There are four types of wine. They are Red, White, Pink (Blush), Champagne. Most of the people prefer either red or white.

Difference between red and white wine

The main difference between red and white wine is that Red wine contains Grapes skin, Seeds and stems and these red wines are heavier and more complex. So for beginners it is always advisable to go for white wine because they will be sweeter and milder.

Usually finest wines in Europe are called by their geographic locations but nowadays wines are named after the grape varieties such as Cabernet-Shiraz.

How to taste a Wine?

Some of the tips to taste are as follows;

1) Use clear Wine Glass. The Glass should be bending inwards in the top so that the funnel will be seated correctly and you can enjoy the taste without spilling.

2)Pour a little wine in the glass, if you are trying varieties of wine then start with lightest such as white wines and then to heaviest such as light red to more darker red wines.

3) Always look at the color of the wine. This will help you to hold the glass either with the napkin background or as a whole.

4) White Wines will gain color as they age while red wines will lose color.

5) Swirl the wine glass in a circular motion which will help to aerate the wine and release vapors so that you can smell the wine.

6) Then bring the glass edge and smell the wine because wines' charm is in the smell than in taste. This will help to enjoy the various aromas of the grapes.

7) Now you can take a sip. Just Sip don’t' swallow. Keep the wine in the mouth for few seconds and then swallow.

Enjoy the taste of wine.!

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