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Many people are familiar with Wine of the month clubs; they may even have experienced the pleasure of receiving a gourmet basket of yummy goodies coupled with their favorite wine. Consider these tips when choosing the perfect gifts for your wine lover friends.
Many wine clubs are likely to provide you with the necessary advice in order to learn how to select the best wine. For instance, a country gift basket can be the perfect choice, especially if a fine wine is to be found among the other goodies. You may learn how to make your friends happy by learning some of the main features that make a certain wine be different from other ones. For instance, you can choose the well known Merlot in order to prepare the Gifts for Wine Lovers. This wine is a fruity red and soft one; it is quite famous for its aromas that are quite deep. Merlot has aromas of currant, cheery and green olive; one may even taste the mint and tobacco tones that are to be found in this wine that can be the perfect choice even for the Wine of the month club.

You may also consider Pinot Noir as your best choice when it comes to providing your wine lover friends with an exquisite wine; this wine is considered as the most romantic of all wines thanks to its voluptuous perfume that is similar to the powerful punch of falling in love. It can make the blood run hot; therefore, this wine is among the most popular ones. This wine comes from a variety of grapes that are difficult to cultivate and even ferment but its aroma is quite famous for its fleshy and countryside fragrances. If you decide to transform this wine into the perfect gift for your friends, you have to consider some of its features that are closely related to its serving. This wine pairs quite well with lamb, duck, pheasant but its best match resides in the grilled salmon that is topped with creamy mushrooms. You have to pay attention to the serving tips in order to choose the perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers because they are likely to prefer a certain wine especially for its matching with different menus.

The third wine that you may consider as being the proper gift and can also be regarded as the Wine of the month club is Riesling. This wine rarely blends; it remains a dry white wine that has pure aromas of flowers, tropical fruits and minerals. It has a quite noticeable acidity and its sweet taste makes Riesling to be the perfect choice in case your friends are keen on Thai or Chinese cuisines. This wine can also be served as the perfect balance when it comes to salty foods.

Chablis is another wine that may become the proper choice; this vibrant and clean French wine will come along with a crispy fry flavor that serves for its prominent mixture of acidity and sweetness. This wine is to be considered as the perfect gourmet wine that is likely to require special and fancy food occasions. Therefore, you have to be fully aware of its characteristics when it comes to choosing this wine for a gift basket. This wine makes the classic oyster companion and it can also be used as the Wine of the month club if the wine club decides to impress its special members. The fine cuisine, especially the one that is based on fish dishes, will find the perfect match in Chablis because this wine compliments all the features of an exquisite meal.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry wine that is fermented from the best wine red grapes; its sophisticated aroma of berries, chocolate and cedar will depend on its region and age. Therefore, these features are to be considered whenever you are looking for the perfect gift. You also have to be aware that this wine combines with dark chocolate, aged cheeses, meats and pastas in a perfect manner; you may also choose this wine for his medicinal qualities because it has been demonstrated that the constant and regular Cabernet Sauvignon drinking may reduce the risk factors when it comes to developing Alzheimer disease later in one’s life.

Which ever wine one chooses, he has to know that the person who will receive the gift is likely to appreciate his great sophisticated taste; fine wines are to be chosen in order to have the desired effect when it comes to pleasing someone who is a great wine lover. You have to be perfectly aware that you cannot go for easy choices in case that you have a wine lover friend; if you decide to impress him/her by choosing a fine wine, you have to provide yourself with all the necessary information. You may even decide to take the Wine of the month club as the perfect example.

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