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Celebrations come to naught if there is no wine as accompaniment. A glass of wine not only keeps you warm in winters but also gives just that teeny-weeny bit of relaxation that is required to enjoy the occasion. That, however, is easier said than done because getting the right wine for the specific occasion can be extremely difficult at times. Not only do you have to know which wine to buy but also the wine that fits the menu in the most appropriate manner. And when you are celebrating with friends you simply want to have the best.

Going to a wine shop and asking questions that expose your ignorance can sometimes be embarrassing. Shopkeepers generally find out the level of knowledge that a customer has in a few minutes based on certain behaviors and comments that one makes. All efforts at throwing words like red wine, Bordeaux or Burgundy fail. The flip side is that you obviously do not want to dish out more cash than you have to, but you don’t want to get cheap quality wine either if you pay too little.

Even if you have a trustworthy wine merchant who can help you select the right wine, the entire process of selection can be an extremely tedious process. There are hundreds of wines to choose from and each made from different grape qualities with unique manufacturing processes. The variables to consider are so many while buying wine that most retailers let the customers do their own thinking and surfing through the bottles.

Even if you do a lot of homework before you go out to buy a bottle of wine, you are still likely to end up wondering whether you made the best choice or not. This is mainly because unless you are a connoisseur and know exactly what you are looking for, you are likely to go through a long winding decision making process. Most of the good wine bottles are all exquisitely designed in alluring shapes that tempt consumers to lift it off the shelf. The label however is almost always mundane and difficult to comprehend. And it is the label that really matters the most when it comes to buying high quality French wine.

Until recently the only way you could buy a good bottle of wine was to go a wine shop but not any more. You can now buy wine online like many others are doing today. As of now, the online wine market is still small, with only 17% of the consumers who regularly purchase wine online. However, the trend is on the rise since the benefits of buying online are soon becoming evident.

Evaluate at leisure -

Online wine purchase ensures that you are never rushed. You are your own master and can make your own intelligent choice after reviewing what you want. In case you do not understand certain phrases used in the reviews, you can always look them up real-time on the Internet.

It is easy -

All that you have to do is to log on to a wine shipper’s site of your choice, read the details of the types of wines that the online retailer has to offer and order the one that you want to.

No embarrassing moments -

The great thing about ordering online is that you don’t have to feel embarrassed standing in front of the rows of wine, trying to select which one you shall finally pick. You can also take your own time to read through the information about the wine in terms of the region it was produced in, the name of the chateau that bottled it, its classification as per AOC norms and the year in which it was awarded to it, vintage and much more.

Read customer reviews -

A study conducted in the US by a do-it-yourself market research corporation revealed that user generated reviews were trusted more than anything else, even more than expert comments where wine selection was concerned. This is probably because it is perceived that experts review wine as if it were something sacrosanct and their views are often a classic case of personal likes and dislikes veiled in lot of ambiguity. Experts also tend to have an extremely critical view of a lot of aspects.

Get great discounts -

If you search enough online wine shippers and order a case of 12 bottles, you may even get discounts up to 30% or free shipping. Even if you have to pay for shipping, you can write it off against saving of time, energy and travel cost covers and the lesser price that you pay since online wines are normally available at prices lesser than those you find in stores. You are assured of getting some of the best deals from individual sellers who have ventured online.

Order combinations of trial packs for tasting before you order -

Wine is a social experience and the taste, experience and the bouquet of flavor tones it has to offer matter. The labels provide the mandatory information but if you don’t enjoy and relish the taste of an otherwise expensive and classy wine, nothing in the world can enhance the wine consuming experience. And this is why most online wine shippers have ensured that the wine tasting ceremony that is a common practice can be carried out even in the case of buying wine online. Almost all online wine sellers are happy to send a trial pack consisting of the various kinds of wines that you ask for. These could include various flavors of Bordeaux wines or a collection from various regions of your choice and even a mix of red and white wines.

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