Buying Wine Online

With busy days the norm, the option to buy wine online helps to take some of your hassles away!

Buying wine online is hassle free. The shipping is a great convenience, purchasing is easy, satisfaction is guaranteed and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Online merchants not only have a great selection of wines to choose from, they also provide a multitude of reviews and customer ratings to help you make informed choices. Without the overhead of brick and mortar stores they are able to offer great specials and unique products.There are many sites on the internet that sell wine so before you buy make sure to check for the

following things:

Shipping - do they ship to your city and does your city allow you to receive wine?

Price - ensure you are getting the best price for your wine. You can do some great comparative

shopping ahead of time at

Quality - There is of course no way to taste wine on the internet so read the reviews if you are unsure about a wine. If this information is not provided on the site you are using try The Wine Spectator for a detailed review of most wines.

Proof of Age - Be prepared to prove your age by fax or email.

Discounts - Most merchants will offer case discounts and they will usually allow you to purchase a mixed case - these discounts are definitely worth your while so keep your eye out for them.

Clubs - Wine clubs provide a great avenue to learn about wine. They give you a chance to experience wines you may not find otherwise including new varietals, and exotic blends. Wine clubs provide the ease and convenience of having wine delivered regularly with out any work on your part.

For some of the more unique wines your best bet is still through the wineries themselves. Many of them are now offering online ordering through their website so be sure to check out your favorite vineyards.

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