Introduction to French Wines

It is not for certain, fact or assured, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, scientifically researched, but it is said and believed that in the area of Caucasus located on the borders of Turkey, Russia and Iran, was where the first vineyards were born.

Today, you can find a vineyard being cultivated on almost every region and continent. The French wine derived from various exquisite French vineyards located in their countryside, offer interesting flavors produced in a breath taking landscape. It may be due to this beautiful scenery, but French wines have become one of the most well known and most enjoyed wines in the world.

In France, the rating of a wine is determined by the grape’s maturity, its exposure in the environment, the type of grapes and the nutrients in the soil (even the slope, wind and other topographical factors figure into the mix and taste of the end product). Many speculate that climate change will affect the wine industry and wines we continue to enjoy in years to come.

The wine flavor is determined by tannins, the variety of grape and the nutrients in the soil where the grape vines are growing. Most wine lovers begin with white wines but then advance to a more rich and robust, intense taste of reds, drier whites like the Savignon Blanc.

Here is some information and descriptions of several top French wines, including their regions:

* Vallee du Rhone – This wine’s appellation is the second largest in France. Very colorful and aromatic, the spices are a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.

Wine: Cotes du Rhone
* Bordeaux - The microclimate helps to concentrate the grapes sugar which is necessary for making sweet wines. These estates are rich with the aroma of honey citrus and apricot.

Wine: Cadillac
* Champagne – The champagne is the most well known wine of the champagne region. Located in the east of Paris, these white grapes are known to get wonderful sun exposure. Established in 1927 the appellations villages are called CRUS.

Wine: Champagne
* Beaujolois - The area varies in exposures and soil type. This has great aging potential which vary between 5 to 10 years depending on vintage site.

Wine: Morgon
* Languedoc – Rousillon – This wine comes from vineyards that have been in existence since the 11th century. The resulting wine is fruity with hints of strawberry, cherry and cassis.
Wine: Malepire en Lanquedoc (Red)

It is always nice to know what kind of wine to bring when you arrive at a function or if you are being a hostess for your dinner guests. These wines are excellent French wines to bring along, or to purchase for these social gatherings.

If you are going to be engaging in a romantic dinner date, two very good French wines that would help to set the mood are: Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieus and as well a sultry Reisling, AOC Alsace. If it is a celebration that you will be attending, and you would like to bring a great French wine, consider the Bordeaux et Bourdeaux Superieur blanc et rose. With any of these selections, you will be the life of any celebration.

If you are planning to have a simple meal with friends, the suggested French wine would have to be Cotes du Rhone Villages. Enjoy!!

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