An Introduction to Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping is one of the tasting techniques used by cuppers to analyze coffee aroma and the flavor profile of a coffee. To know the trivial differences among coffee growing regions, it is significant to taste coffee from around the world side by side. Cupping is as well used to find out coffee defects or to make coffee blends.

Cupping Coffee

Table Preparation:

Normally, in coffee cupping session, the table is set up with 6 to 8 cups per coffee. These are set in a triangular way. At the top of this triangle you need to place a taster of a roasted coffee and a taster of the green coffee. In the center of the table place a cup of room warmth water and an unfilled cup containing the cupping spoons. Next you need to cover both the green sample and roasted taster until the cupping session is over and the coffee aroma, smell, and flavor profile have been completely documented. After this time, both coffee tasters can be uncovered and extra comments could be written based on appearance. This method normally helps reduce the common "eye coffee cupping" method.

Coffee Flavor Analysis:

After the coffee has cooled suitably take some coffee into the spoon and taste the coffee sturdily to aspirate it around the whole tongue. It is significant to aspirate sturdily as you are trying to cover the whole tongue consistently. Aspirating sturdily would as well cause tiny droplets of coffee to be dispersed into the throat and in the nasal passage. The nose could then act as another influential tasting tool. Most of the flavor experimental in a coffee is a consequence of aromatic compounds available in the coffee. This result could also be demonstrated by plugging your nose during drinking coffee. While the nasal passage is blocked, the coffee would probable taste same as to instant coffee as it lack aroma. When the nasal passage is opened, a full rainbow of flavors would then become evident.


The key to cupping coffee is carry out and humility. The best cuppers known are self-effacing and always eager to learn more. The beauty is that we agree to disagree while respecting and trying to recognize the characteristics, which other people find.

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