An introduction to Specialty coffee

Specialty coffees differ from one place to another for couple of reasons, including the way in which it has been grown, the altitude, the area, the soil, and even in the way in which farmer cares for the coffee bean. Like the gourmet coffee, specialty coffees would differ from one country to another, one region to another, and year to year. Even the way the roaster treats the coffee to would have a big impact on the final taste.

Arabica Coffee beans

Arabica coffee beans are actually the most hunted after beans in the specialty market. They get special care and concentration all through the process of growing, milling and as well during roasting. Arabica coffee generally grows at high altitudes (maybe above 3,000 feet). This type of bean offers us with the finest tasting coffee.

Robusta Coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans are a very cheaper variety of coffee that is grown below 3,000 feet altitude. It is known as the poorer quality bean. Traditionally this has bean used to create cheaper blends and is used to "cut" a blend having Arabica. Drunk on its own it tastes reduced, with a small taste of rubber. This is not to say we need send away Robusta out of hand; many roasters use Robusta to brighten a blend.

The Roasting Process

The roasting process has a huge bearing on the ultimate quality of the cup. The uppermost quality coffee would taste poor if over- or under-roasted. Most coffee roasters when contribution you a fastidious coffee bean would tell you the degree of roasts, which they have employed or recommend. When roasting for one’s self it is best to pursue the roaster’s guide as they again are using their information of the coffee bean to tell you how this bean is most excellently presented.


To sum up, the world of specialty coffee could be quite intimidating for the newcomer. However by purchasing from a excellence supplier and taking for the right recommendation from the many sources accessible via the Internet, it could be a very satisfying journey around the continents, knowing the many and varied tastes that specialty coffee has to offer.

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