Krups Coffee Makers?

The specialty krups coffee makers come with a special feature.Coffee is a drink which is well know for its aroma.When the smell of the coffee dissipates the flavor of your drink dissipates as well.Krups offers a solution for this problem with these 2 coffee makers.Not just do these brew coffee but they have a special filter chamber as in case of the Krups F468 which actually preserves the aroma of your drink.
There are two current model from Krups which fall in this category. The krups F468 and the Krups KM7000. Both these models are well known for their various other features as well. Lets begin with the Krups F468. Also, known as the Krups moka brew coffee maker,this model has been in the Krups coffee maker range for nearly decade in one form or other.

Krups F468 Coffee Maker
The Krups F468 uses the Moka brewing system. The water is placed in the water reservoir which is below the carafe and when the water begins to heat,the steam forces the hot water into the tubes which passes through the coffee filter at the top of the carafe. This force with which the water is pressurised is enough to extract the greatest flavour from the ground coffee and its then that it gets collected in the carafe. And it comes with a special aroma saving filter which preserves the aroma of the coffee.
Krups KM7000 Coffee Maker
The aroma control feature on this one operates a bit differently to the one on Krups KF468. After selecting from the 5 levels of grinding, you can select the strength of your drink. the aroma control feature then allows the ground coffee to steep up for up to two minutes before the brewing process actually begins.This steeping process saturates the ground coffee longer than the traditional coffee makers. This process is what gives the coffee its rich flavour.It doesn't let the coffee bitter even though it makes the flavour of your coffee heartier.

So if you are looking for a Krups coffee maker to not just to brew you a coffee but also preserve the aroma for your next cup, consider the Krups F468 and the Krups KM7000.

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