Why You Should Drink Organic Coffee

In a culture that's obsessed with processed foods, the thought of "organic coffee" might scare java lovers. They may think that coffee is either too expensive or too bland for them to try out. As a result, they may continue drinking non-organic brands, making those companies even more successful.

And, since there isn't any demand for that type of coffee, brand-name manufacturers continue doing the same thing. Why switch to an that process if you can make more money with non-organic ones?

Well, manufacturers and consumers need to reevaluate their thoughts towards organic coffee. First off, since this coffee is grown without pesticides, it is extremely healthy for the environment. During their cultivation, no chemicals are released into the air or soil. In turn, not only does the air remain clean, but there's no risk of harmful substances invading the area's water supply.

Secondly, organic coffee tends to be much healthier than non-organic brands. Why? Well, most of these coffees are grown in parts of Africa where the soil contains volcanic compounds. This makes the dirt more arable, which results in the best coffee bean nature has to offer. Not only is the bean rich in antioxidants, (nutrients that are essential for healthy immune systems), but it contains a very strong coffee flavor. Also, the caffeine within this type of coffee tends to be more potent than the caffeine in non-organic brands. This means one cup of this coffee could equal four cups of non-organic brands, at least in terms of the energy boost you receive. At this rate, one cup of coffee could carry you through the whole day. Forget wasting your work time on coffee breaks, since organic coffee will keep you alert the whole 8 hours.

The caffeine in organic coffee may also help you lose weight. This is because caffeine naturally suppresses hunger while filtering the body of impurities. Just make sure you don't overdo it, since too much caffeine will not only cause heart problems, but it may make you nauseous. And, since this coffee is more powerful, you won't need as much to get a caffeine overdose. So, to avoid these problems, make sure you drink in moderation.

In conclusion, organic coffee offers many benefits for humans and their environment. But as long as people keep consuming non-organic brands, manufacturers won't see the economic value behind natural cultivation. So, for now, organic coffee lovers will just have to buy their java from independent enterprises.

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