Automatic Espresso Machines - Set it and Forget It

Most espresso machines on the market offer a great number of features and deliver delicious tasting espresso. They also have one problem…most espresso machines operate manually. Enter the automatic espresso machine. Automatic espresso machines will grind the coffee beans, put the grounds in the hopper, then fill the reservoir with water, heat the water and then force the heated water through the grounds to produce a perfect cup of espresso every time. Some high-end machines will even dump the used grounds from the hopper when finished so that the machine is ready for the next brewing cycle.

Most automatic espresso machines are used by commercial coffee shops like Starbucks. Commercial coffee shops use the automatic machines to produce a consistent product on a steady basis. Consistency in the commercial market is much more important than quantity when brewing the perfect espresso.

Consistency starts with the basic ingredients and how they are mixed. To make a consistent espresso there is very little margin for error. Automatic espresso machines can perform the task of brewing a great espresso with very little margin of error. When the grounds are added manually, there is often an opportunity for error. Too much or too little grounds can make or break a great flavored espresso. By using an automatic espresso machine, the grounds and the water are measured exactly right each time so every cup will have the same flavor and consistency. And when the machine is finished clean up is a snap, you wont have to worry about dumping the grounds from the hopper because it does it on its own. Automatic machines also cut down on the time between cups which in the commercial world can help increase productivity and profits.

Automatic espresso machines are not just for commercial use. If you have been thinking about getting an automatic espresso machine for your home, then you are not alone. Automatic espresso machines for the private sector are becoming more and more popular and sales are increasing each year. Even with the automatic machines growing popularity, some people feel that an automatic espresso machine removes the personal touch when it comes to making their espresso. There will still be those that feel the need to hand grind their own beans and measure everything by hand. Some people will just never trust a great espresso shot to a machine, no matter what the time savings.

But for those who make a lot of coffee at home, the thought of having their very own automatic espresso machine is so enticing that they are not concerned with how much a dent it puts in their budget. To these people, the more automatic machine is the better. But with automation and high quality comes higher prices. Generally, the more automatic the machine is and the better the quality, the higher the price. However, when you consider the ease of making espresso and the quality and consistency of the finished product plus the time savings involved, true espresso lovers will consider the high price a worthwhile expense.

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