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One of the enemies against excellent tasting coffee is air. The coffee will oxidize when it is exposed to the air. This effect is increased when the coffee is ground and not kept in bean form. Having a coffee grinder at home to use is the best way to prevent this from happening. However, grinding can be both time consuming and messy. Therefore, it is important to pick the best grinder to meet your needs. There are three basic types of grinders: the burr, blade, and crusher. All come in many different price ranges from inexpensive to very expensive.

Crusher grinders use a mashing device that is quite similar to the mortar and pestle. Because of this, it produces are rather awkward size ground which is very inconsistent. This type of grinder is not suggested if there are other options available. Blade grinders chop the beans. There is a blade that slices the beans into smaller portions until they resemble a small grind. However, this too does produce a rather inconsistent grind. Because the surfaces of the grounds are inconsistent this produces varying amounts of the flavors and oils found within the grinds. In addition, often with the slicing there is excess heat which actually takes away from the aroma and taste of the coffee as well.

The suggested grinder then, is obviously the burr. Burr grinders use plates that are motor driven. These blades have teeth that are pyramid shaped. This gives the grind the consistency that a good cup of coffee needs. The more advanced the model, the more settings and adjustments can be made to the speed of the blades. Adjusting to the perfect grind is important because different coffees and coffee makers need specific types of grinds to obtain the best result from the coffee. This also keeps the warming of the blades to a minimum when the speed can be controlled.

There are two types of burr grinders. The first is a conical burr. This grinder is preferred by the coffee experts of the world. Although it is a bit noisier it does allow for the greatest control of the grind and the speed. The best conical burr grinders are capable of rotating as minimally as 500rpm. This is in comparison to other burr grinders which go between 10,000 and 30,000 rpm. Those levels of rpm do not allow for high levels of control. Finely ground coffee is especially important for Turkish coffee.

Further to these aspects, the coffee lover will want to look for the construction, model, cleaning, and noise of the machine. Two essentials should be a cleaning brush and removable burrs. Different materials produce different levels of static and therefore more or less of the grinds will stick to the burrs. A couple extras people may be interested in are timer switches and auto shut off features. It is also nice to have clear domes so that the beans and grinds can be observed. Although dark glass and stainless steel are popular it definitely does limit the viewing. One thing not to take too much into consideration is that the grounds may change color when being ground. The grinds are often lighter than the bean form. Reviews of different grinders can be found in many different places should be read before purchasing. Do this, and you will most definitely have the best cup of coffee whenever you want.

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