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Everyone loves a bargain and it’s human nature not to want to spend more money than we have to. During tough economic times it becomes more of a priority for people to go forth and hunt down offers that ensure buying both our everyday and luxury items remains a pleasurable experience.

Whether it be whittled down prices on essential white goods, to wicked wine deals that facilitate a relaxing evening at the end of a busy day, you can find special offers on almost everything. But the positive impact on your pocket of picking up the best bargains, can often have knock on effects elsewhere, such as on your time.

How many of us actually have the freedom to spend our days scouring the shelves or perusing the rails to compare the prices of prospective purchases? Are you one to often mutter ‘I hate to miss out on a good deal but I don’t have the time to look.’

A typical example - take buying our favourite tipple. Whether it be on the TV, in the newspaper, on a web site or talking to friends, everywhere you go you will undoubtedly see numerous promotions promising you extra supermarket savings. From amazing discounted wine deals to beer buy one get one frees, direct advertising and word of mouth recommendations can prompt us into immediate action.

But do we ever really enjoy these seemingly super savings? Even if we are always keeping our eyes and ears open how many of us can feasibly switch our shopping destination from week to week to pick up the best supermarket deals, how often do we see or hear about a deal and then forget which retailer actually had the offer in the first place?

And what about quality? When you go to take advantage of the three for two wine deals that so regularly appear in many popular supermarkets, how can you ever be sure what you are buying is going to meet your taste buds’ expectations and be the quality you want?

How many times have you seen "Half price - Was £7.99 now only £3.99" and thought you were getting a fantastic bottle of wine at half the price only to taste it and realise that yes, this was in fact a £3.99 bottle of wine! How often have you gone for the discounted case of half price Chablis, only to drink something that tasted nothing like Chablis at all? In short how often have you been a victim of the marketing game!

Enter the power of the internet and its ability to keep us up to speed on the real super savings we can cash in on. The boom in online shopping and abundance of comparison shopping web sites has made it easier than ever before to bag the best bargains no matter what you are after.

Many are sceptical of internet buying, especially for goods you may not have purchased before or for which the quality could change from day to day. In this instance what you need is a multipurpose web site that cuts out the shelve scour time and shows you the real deals that will also satisfy your nagging quality dilemmas.

Well they do exist. for instance, was set up to help consumers take advantage of great wine offers and stay clear of the marketing con-tricks. Wine Scout searches every wine deal, every week, in 100’s of retailers, from the biggest to the very small, weeding out the deals that are too good to be true (with wine that is truly undrinkable no matter how cheap it is) and finding the wines that really are great value.

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