Introducing Wine To A Friend

When introducing wine to a friend you have to be careful. Your passion for wine may come across as pushiness. You may actually make your friend want to give up before they ever get started. Just think back to when you were first introduced to wine and you can sympathize.

Wine can be intimidating. Wine is art and that means it is something that is individual. You have to remember that just because you love something does not mean your friend will. So, the best way to introduce wine to a friend is to do it in a completely unbiased and gentle manner.

You should start out with tasting wine. This is the logical way to get started. How else will your friend best learn about wine then to taste it? Your job is to help expose your friend to as many different types of wine as possible. This is where your expertise comes into play. You know where the best wine is and you can take your friend around to all the great places where they can really experience a range of wines.

Let your friend make their own opinions. Ask them questions about what they liked or didn’t like. Again, this is where you help by listening to your friends preferences and getting an idea of what types of wines your friend seems to be more drawn to.

You should encourage your friend to keep a journal. The journal should list all the wines tasted and their impressions of the wine. You may assist them in offering vocabulary to help them learn to talk about wine. The journal should be their personal record, though, so only offer help if they ask.

Make sure you talk about wine with your friend. Allow your friend to talk, too. Avoid trying to take over the conversation. Also do not try to use large words or complicated technical jargon that will just confuse your friend.

You should also encourage your friend to research wine and help them to learn as much as possible about all the aspects of wine. They should learn about wine making, storage and even serving. Expose them to as much as possible. Give them a chance to share with you and let them take the reigns on occasion. Let your friend take you out to a place for some good wine they have chosen.

Overall, introducing a friend to wine should be a fun experience for you both. Your friend should not feel pressured and you should not feel like it is a job. Wine is a very personal thing. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to wine and that is fine. That is the beauty of wine. People love to talk about wine and taste wine because it is a very intellectual thing. It stimulates conversation and can be a great way to strengthen a friendship. You and your friend will always have wine as a sort of bond in your friendship. Make the most out of this opportunity and help your friend learn to love wine as much as you do.

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