Red or White Wine?

When you go to a restaurant or if you’re just going to buy yourself a few bottles of wine, it can be surprisingly difficult to choose between a red wine or a white wine. The choice for me at least stems more from personal preference.

If I know that I don’t like a certain red wine I’ll avoid that and maybe go on to selecting a white wine. And if I’m in the mood to be lulled by something that is rich and heavy, I might find myself swaying towards a good red wine.

The thing with choosing reds and white wines though is that you simply can’t compare the two against each other. Both are distinctly different from each other, and both have their good sides and their not so good sides.

Basically though it comes down to choice: which wine would you prefer to drink today? The difference between reds and whites also comes down to the way they are made.

Red wines are mostly made with red grapes, while you would think that white wines are made solely with green grapes. White wines, surprisingly though, can be also made with red grapes.

What stops it from turning into a red wine is the little factor of the skin being discarded before the grapes are put to fermentation.

From that you would have gathered that red wines are made using the whole of the grape, skin and most times pips included. This is what gives it its distinct color, and this is also what gives it its distinct staining powers.

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