Sparkling Wine Facts

If you fancy something bubbly for your next party or get-together, why not go for a sparkling wine? Sparkling wine makes a great value alternative to Champagne and can be served in a similar way. Read on to find out more.

Sparkling wine shouldn’t be underestimated

A sparkling wine may not have the status of a big brand champagne but you’ll get all the style and elegance for a fraction of the price. Sparkling wine has become increasingly popular in recent years and there is a good selection to choose from, so why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Sparkling wine to start

Sparkling wine is a really good aperitif and looks good when welcoming guests to a party or celebration. However, the key is not to go overboard. If you are hosting lunch or a dinner party, it is likely that most of your guests won’t have eaten for a while and because sparkling wine is fairly acidic, more than one or two glasses per person will simply kill their appetites.

Sparkling wine with food

Like Champagne, sparkling wine goes well with food. Drier versions of sparkling wine are best enjoyed with fish and chips, seafood and sushi, as the acidity of the sparkling wine works against the oils and fats in the fish, while slightly sweeter sparkling wines go better with fruit.

Serving Sparkling wine

A sparkling wine needs just 45 minutes in the fridge before serving. Don’t be tempted to chill it for longer, as the taste and smell of the sparkling wine will be lost. Ideally, sparkling wine should be served in tall, thin flutes, although standard wine glasses are a good substitute. If drinking as an aperitif or without food, consider serving sparkling wine with canapés.

A wide range to choose from

When it comes to sparkling wine, you’ll generally come across a fruiter style fizz from Australia, New Zealand and USA, while the Old World countries produce a more traditional sparkling wine. spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco, in particular, are always worth a taste. For something a little different, look out for sparkling rosé or a sparkling red wine.

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