Starting a Wine Collection

Starting a wine collection is not as daunting as people think it is. There are many reasons why you would start a collection. First, buying wine in bulk is cheaper than buying wine in individual bottles. Second, you always have an variety of wine to choose from when guest stop by unexpectedly. The only investment on your part is setting up an area to store your wine; a mini wine cellar.

Your wine cellar can be as simple as a strategically located closet or a corner in your basement. You also need a wine rack to hold your wine bottles. Wine racks are important as they store wine bottles at the right angle. There are many different kinds of wine racks. Some are for desk top use, others under the counter. If you are starting your journey to being a wine aficionado, here are some of the things you may want to consider.

Start a wine cellar on a small scale initially.

Why do this?

• You can take advantages of bargains by buying your wine by the case. You will have wine available for any occasion.

• Correct wine storing techniques. Properly stored wine retains its flavor for a longer period of time when compared to wine stored on a regular shelf standing up. Invest in a good wine rack. There are many different types of wine racks in the market to choose from. Different styles, designs made of many different materials. Pick one that matches your personal style and fits your budget. Take also into consideration how many bottles you will be storing, therefore investing in a wine rack that maximizes on storage capacity. Wine racks allow you to store your wine the proper way to retain the rich flavors. Some wine racks are easy to assemble, are lightweight, and very durable.

• Store the wine in a dark, clean, damp location that has good ventilation. The temperature needs to be kept constant. The best temperature for wine storage needs to be kept between 50 to 55F. The seasonal temperature change of ten degrees doesn’t affect the wine but a rapid regular change causes the wine to age prematurely.

• Relative humidity of 70% is recommended for storing wine. Lack of humidity may cause the cork to dry and shrink and allow air into the wine.

• Darkness is important as exposure to light prematurely ages wine ruining it. The wine also needs to be free of movement to prevent disturbing red wines sediment. Once you put your wine up on your wine rack it should not be moved until it is opened. Proper ventilation is essential to avoid your wines acquiring a musty taste. The cellar should be free of odors as these can penetrate the cork and affect the flavor of your wine.

• Wine needs to be stored horizontally to ensure that the wine stays in contact with the cork. This keeps the cork from drying out and prevents air from coming in contact with the wine.

Now, enjoy your new wine collection.

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