The Affordable Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Having a wine rack is essential for those wine lovers who are adamant on having a generous supply of assorted wines on hand for any occasion, visitor or special event. There are many different types of wine racks available for purchase to assemble yourself or already assembled, but for those who live in known earthquake areas, whether large or small, a wall mounted wine rack is recommended.

Wall mounted wine racks are not only affordable but very functional as well. They can be mounted easily by following the simple instructions included in pre-made kits and will have everything you need in order to install them yourself. Typically there will be recommended areas to install your wine rack and these suggestions should not be taken lightly. Although wall mounted wine racks do come in a variety of shapes and sizes for many different homes, it does need to be secured to a wall that is adequate enough to withhold a number of bottles in place.

Depending on your style of home and the security of your walls, your wine rack would best be mounted in a cellar or pantry room. It should be well secured and properly fitted to avoid any unnecessary movement. It should be attached so that it can be easily removed should you decide to take out walls in your kitchen later during a redecorating phase.

The type of wood your taste may require for your wine rack can be an easy decision based on the d├ęcor and functionality of your home at the present time. You may not want to choose pinewood for your wine rack if you have oak everywhere else in your home. Remember that the usefulness of the wine rack is essential and should not be installed anywhere close to doors or windows and away from direct sunlight.

When deciding to install a wall mounted wine rack, you will need to take stock of the uses you have for one in your home. Are you an avid wine drinker that likes to have several varietals on hand for any occasion or just a host that feels 1 or 2 bottles kept for that special guest is sufficient? Space will also determine exactly what kind of wine rack you will need since it is impossible to install a very large wine rack into a home without enough space to accommodate it.

There are many places where you can obtain pre-made plans for making your own wall mounted wine rack. The Internet is a great resource for such things that will guide you through the process of determining the type of wine rack you need as well as building and installing it yourself.

If you have decided to tackle the task of completing and installing your own wall mounted wine rack, you will find the process somewhat relaxing and rewarding once it has been finished and holds your treasures. A homemade wine rack is not only a stylish touch to any home but a great conversation piece when guests come to visit. Do not feel discouraged if it does not turn out exactly the way you planned on the first try, part of the fun of attempting a project such as this yourself is the learning experience you get from it.

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