What Are Organic Wines?

You might get confused and wonder how on earth you can go more organic than a wine, right?

The fact of the matter is that even though we aren’t aware of it, grape crops to a very great extent are sprayed with as many different pesticides as needed to keep away the all-encompassing weeds, bugs and other of nature’s little nasties which might destroy precious wine crops.

What all that means to us, is that we’re drinking pesticide inflicted wines. It might not always come through as a pesticide taint in the wines, but nevertheless it is there. And that’s where organic wines steps in.

These vintners have tried different methods to retain their wine crops without resorting to the use of harmful pesticides.

So whereas you won’t see row upon row of beautifully tended and well kept wine vines, at these organic vineyards you will instead find a wonderful disarray of grape vines that have been allowed to grow in harmony with nature and not against it.

Organic vintners use natural bug and weed beating methods like birds and bees and cover crops.

Although this sounds all well and good, unfortunately in the wine business, just as in any other business the bottom line is the king, and money truly does talk.

There might be more than a few of these organic vineyards around today with more yet, set to spring up over the years, or be converted, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll see a mass move towards going organic in most of the vineyards.

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