Wine Can Make The Perfect Present

A few tips on picking the ideal wine gift for family, friends or colleagues …

There is something particularly rewarding about being presented with a special bottle of wine. And because it can be a very personal thing, choosing the right wine to give to a friend or loved one, will show them just how much you care.

But with so many choices out there, the task of picking the right wine as a present can prove a bit daunting. But there are a few simple tips, which should help you steer clear of any pitfalls. First of all think about the person you are buying for. That may sound simple, but just because you like sherry, don’t assume everyone else will. If in doubt – it’s often best to stick with tried and tested favourites.

If you’re buying something for a man, whether it’s a work colleague, your father, or husband – there’s always something particularly grand about a bottle of Port or whisky. Both are excellent options especially around Christmas time and, as they are not an everyday item, they have an added ‘treat’ factor. Classic wines such as reds from Bordeaux or crisp, dry white from Chablis are good safe bets. The 2005 vintage was one of the finest in Bordeaux for a long time, which improved the standard of all the wines from that year. So if you spot any – they’re worth snapping up.

If you are buying something for a woman then Champagne is almost guaranteed to raise a smile. And if authentic Champagne is looking a tad expensive, there are plenty of top-quality sparkling whites to get that are great value. If you’re looking for something a bit different then Sparkling rosés are becoming increasingly popular. As well as a refreshing vibrant taste there is something deliciously elegant and romantic about a flute of bubbly rosé. If the lady in question prefers red wine – a Pinot Noir from New Zealand or, if you’re feeling flush, red Burgundy has a unique celebrated red-berry complexity that sets it apart from all other reds.

These are a just few suggestions, but it is worth visiting the website of a reputable wine merchant to find out more. Many will offer sound advice on what to get as well as delivery direct to your home or whichever address you choose. Decanter Magazine’s Wine Merchant of the Year – Laithwaites is a good place to start laithwaites (dot)co(dot)uk. The have an extensive range with interesting mixed cases for simple ‘thank you’ wine gifts as well as fine wine for when you want something truly impressive.

With expert advice at your fingertips making the right choice becomes a lot easier as does making that special someone feel particularly appreciated. Happy hunting!

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