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Drinking wine is one of those luxuries that can quickly become a full blown habit. The more you get into it, the more you will want to document your wine experiences. Keeping a journal of your wine experiences is a common step, but so is wine label collecting.

What is wine label collecting? Well, it is a simple way to document the vintages you have tried. After finishing the bottle, you typically remove the label and put it into your wine journal. A good journal, such as a Nomad Wine Journal, will have a space for you to then take notes on the flavor, aroma and other characteristics of the wine.

As time passes, you will compile a rather large collection of wine labels as well as your thoughts on each bottle. This can be used in two ways. First, it helps you to refine your tastes. Second, it gives you a quick reference of wines you like so you know what to buy on the spur of the moment when you suddenly need a bottle for a dinner or wine tasting party.

The first step in wine label collecting is, obviously, the removal of the label from the bottle. There steps to successfully removing the label in one piece first require you to figure out how the label is adhered to the bottle. European wines tend to use glue. In contrast, other areas tend to use adhesives similar those found on stickers. You need to use different techniques to remove each.

For glue adhered labels, the first step is to fill the bottle with really hot water. Now place the bottle in a container that allows for water to be sit up to and above the label. A water pitcher will often work. Now fill that with really hot water as well until the water is above the label. Wait five minutes. Now slowly pull on the BACK label every minute or so until it moves freely. Once you the back label is moving freely, the front should be ready as well. Pull it off slowly. Take the wet label and place it in your collecting journal. The glue should adhere to the journal page. Make sure to towel off the top to avoid warping.

The process with adhesive labels is similar, but also a bit simpler. Fill the bottle with as hot a water as possible. Now let it sit for five minutes and start testing the back label until it pulls off. There is no need to put the bottle in a container with hot water. Just wait until you can remove the front label. Once you can, put it in your journal. The label should adhere naturally to the page.

Wine label collecting is habit forming and an excellent way to keep track of your experiences. Make sure to practice on some cheaper bottles of wine first until you have your technique down pat.

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