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To maintain your loyal Fan base you need to really love to grill and damn good at it too. Friends and family will be willing to participate after tasting some of the results of your outdoor grilling. The fact of the matter is, however, it is always good to make sure that you are trying new barbecue recipes on a regular basis. Everyone loves their favorite meals on the grill, but exploring different recipes will keep dinner interesting
The biggest concern in looking for a new favorite recipe is that it should be something you will have fun preparing. Not only should it be enjoyable to cook but it should be something that you enjoy testing as well. I think it is a good rule to always test a new barbecue on your self before serving it to a group. People salivate when they are invited due to my reputation as a master griller.
Make the barbecue recipes your own some way or another. Although a lot of them are good just as they are, be sure you're constantly testing new things so as to improve the flavor in some way. Your diners will send their thanks for all your cooking work.

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