Shopping for a Barbeque Grill

Summertime is synonymous with barbeques. Nothing else represents summer fun as back yard barbeques do. The smells of barbequing meats, cool drinks, fresh fruits, and corn on the cob. Barbeque requires special equipment to slow cook meat using wood smoke to flavor. You can use indirect heat or low level radiant heat longer cooking times. Grilling over direct heat and hot fire for a short time is more convenient.

Shopping for a Barbeque Grill

Consider the Price

Barbeque grills prices vary with the charcoal grills prices costing less then their gas counterparts.

Size of barbeque grill

Best method is to actually stand before the barbeque grill and determine if it is the size you require. Does the barbeque grill allow you to take the food off the barbeque grill at the same time? How many people you averagely cook for or how much entertaining you do.

Surface of Barbeque Grill

There are many different grill surfaces available. Chrome plated, porcelain coated steel, and stainless grill to name a few. A good barbeque grill surface should be non-stick and should be able to maintain and dissipate heat evenly. Stainless grills are considered the favorite, though more expensive ones are usually worth the investment. Stainless grills last a long time, are easy to maintain and clean. A stainless grill has a professional and clean appearance. Some grills have painted surfaces, these kinds don’t survive the wear and tear of a normal barbeque season. Stainless grills don’t rust or tarnish. With its clean look, the stainless grill will become the center piece of your barbeque bash.

Types of Barbeque Grill Burners

Stainless grill burner last a longer than aluminized steel burners.

Types Of Grills Based On Type Of Fuel Used

Grills can be classified by the type of fuel they use to cook your meal. There are charcoal grills, electric grills and gas grills. Charcoal grills generally take a long time to light but well worth the wait. The resulting food has an excellent flavor. Gas grills are extremely convenient. They light with the push of a button and create an oven like experience; even equipped with cooking temperatures. Electric Grills are less polluting than the other types of grills, are used indoors and cool down faster. They can be used year round irrespective of the season or weather.

But before you warm up for another barbeque season, be prepared. For an enjoyable summer barbeque season practice safety first. The following as some safety tips to remember.

• Keep your barbeque grill away from any combustible items.
• Remain aware of which way the wind blows because the grill may blow sparks. The grill needs to be placed on a level surface.

Protecting yourself

• Use long handled tools and fireproof gloves.
• Have a fire extinguisher easy to reach.
• Keep children away from the BBQ as with any open flames.

Gas Grill safety

• Check the cylinder for safety
• Make sure all connections are tight.

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