The Ultimate Portable Barbecue

Summer is coming and there’s nothing better than a day trip in the great outdoors whether it’s a trip to the local park, a spot of walking in the country or a visit to the beach. When you are out and about on your day trip nothing beats a bit of outdoor cooking and some al fresco dining. Up to now the options for the portable barbecue have been very much limited to the metal foil tray instant portable BBQ that comes with charcoal and lighter paper. Apart from being incredibly bad for the environment, scorching the area of ground you are cooking on and adding to the country’s landfill, in my experience, these instant portable barbeques give very inconsistent cooking results – you may be able to cook a couple of bangers before the heat vanishes! These new, well-designed portable barbecues are something else altogether.

These portable BBQs are the latest in table-top, garden, patio, balcony, deck, beach and park outdoor sizzlers. There are two distinct styles to choose from; the Fold Flat BBQ and the Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ.

The Fold Flat portable barbecue is exceptionally designed, folds up to an ultra thin ergonomic design and opens up to give a 45 x 30cm cooking area. Sturdily made from pressed steel, the sides provide an integral wind break, and being so portable, you can head out on a day trip whenever you feel the need for the pleasure and mouth-watering aroma you get from a flaming summer barbecue. This is the ultimate in portable mobile BBQs and allows you to take it anywhere.

The Carry and Go Briefcase portable BBQ is also manufactured in pressed steel, the 'Briefcase' folds out to give a substantial 48 x 35cm cooking area with built-in wind breaks to ensure that your hot coals do not blow away. Well-built legs keep the portable barbecue off the ground to prevent you burning any of the surrounding ground where you are cooking. The carry bag is tough and includes a shoulder strap, so it's incredibly easy to take a trip to your perfect barbecue spot.

Both of these portable barbecues are very well made, offer great design and give you many more choices for you to enjoy the pleasure of al fresco dining. These are the ultimate in portable bbqs.

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