What You Should Know About Contact Grills

Contact Grills or clamshells as they can also be known are increasingly being seen as a must have gadget for many food outlets, with the heavy duty grills now in the domestic home with the launch of the George Formby range contact grill and other manufacturers following suit. A contact grill offers the benefit of allowing your food to be cooked without the need for turning so the food is sandwiched together and therefore it locks in the foods natural juices and tastes to give it a fuller flavour providing a high nutritional content as it cooks the food between two heated even plate surfaces which shortens the cooking times and in using this method has benefits over the conventional metal pan. They can perform well using either fresh or frozen food like pork belly loins to vegetables like peppers.

Contact grills can provide the caterer with a faster and possibly a more capable and competent way of cooking a healthier leaner gourmet food for your customer, as the deep grooved plates keep the food raised up, and any fat that maybe in the food drains down the back into a grease tray, with some having a high splash guard to keep this away from the operator. Sandwich based snacks like the panini are still a popular choice with many food retail outlets, with customers asking for more adventurous fillings and looking to spend more than ever. With the endless possibilities and being able to cook the likes of steaks and burgers on the grill with the texture of either rare too well done that you can cook together side by side. The contact grill gives you have the opportunity to add the 'hot snacking' options to any kitchen menu.

There are different variations of the grill on the market one to suit every possible caterers needs from the professional caterer to your domestic applications. You have the option for a single or large double grill including different types of plates for cooking on, these range from cast iron, non stick cast iron to ceramic plates. Having a grill with ceramic plates can reduce the amount of food and carbon sticking to the plates, although all varieties of plates do have their advantages and disadvantages as the cast iron plate offers greater heat retention properties.

A contact grill is easy to use with an adjustable thermostat which has a low, medium and a high setting on a dial or a sliding control along with a power light which glows red to show you when your unit is heating then turns greens to indicate your unit is ready for use, depending on the food type and the thickness the general cooking times range from 30 minutes to approximately 3 minutes. These compact grills which are no bigger than your average microwave or even smaller and they take up very little room in the kitchen. They are also easy to keep clean by removing any food then wiping the plates with a cloth or a metal scraper on cast iron plates only to remove food residue which has been left.

The grills give you the opportunity to double your cooking surface by opening the grill fully gives you a 180 degree where you can have your very own indoor barbeque.

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