Bajan Fried Chicken

While Bajan fried chicken is a meal that can be served on any occasion, there are some events where this delicious recipe should absolutely be served. If you are planning one of the following events, so you make sure that you have this chicken on the menu for your guests to enjoy. Not only will it be a meal they will remember, but it will add a special flair to your event as well.

Bajan fried chicken is a Caribbean based recipe, from the Island of Barbados. Now matter where you are though, serving up this Caribbean style chicken is sure to add an island flair at your event. This recipe is great for those that want a taste of the islands at events such as:

5. Right after an island vacation. If you have recently returned from a Caribbean vacation and want to impress friends and family members with a recipe from the islands that you enjoyed, serve them up a helping of bajan chicken. Hosting a dinner party after you have returned from your vacation is a great way to share the details of your vacation with your loved ones, as well as impress them with your culinary skills.

4. A Caribbean themed wedding. If you are wanting to plan a wedding that won't soon be forgotten, have a Caribbean themed wedding and serve bajan fried chicken along with other island dishes. This is a great option for those that would love an exotic wedding, but can't really afford one. Decorate your wedding with an island flair and serve up your bajan chicken and you and your guests will feel like your actually in the Caribbean!

3. A Caribbean themed birthday. A Caribbean themed birthday is also a great opportunity to have a little fun and share your excellent recipe for bajan fried chicken. A Caribbean themed birthday is a great event for all ages to enjoy. The sky is the limit for choosing how to plan and decorate your birthday, and with bajan chicken being served, it is sure to be a success.

2. A going away party. If you know someone that is planning a vacation or even moving to the islands, plan a going away party and serve up your delicious bajan fried chicken. This will give them a taste of what culinary delights to expect when they get there and may even have other guests booking their trip to the Caribbean as well!

1. An anniversary dinner. If you or a loved one celebrated your honeymoon in the Caribbean, an anniversary dinner with meals that are reminiscent of their time spent in the Caribbean. A hearty helping of bajan fried chicken along with other island based meals is a great way to remember the happy honeymoon the couple enjoyed in the Caribbean.

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