Choosing The Right Cookware

You may be no Julia Child or Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking but if you are like me and you love to cook, you need to have good cookware to utilize. There are certain aspects to consider when buying cookware aside from how nice it looks and on whether it is in your favorite color or not. Though we may tell ourselves that what matters most is the outcome or result which is basically how good the food would taste, the type of cookware that you may be using can affect the food’s appearance and in some cases its taste especially if the material it is made of reacts differently to the food.

One of the main things that we need to consider in buying cookware would be the material that it would be made of. There are several materials that are available in the market each with its own pros and cons.

We have cookware that is made of copper which gives the best heat conduction. With copper cookware you are assured of the food cooking evenly. The great thing also about cookware made of this material is that you can easily control the heat applied since it easily reacts to changes in temperature. The downside to copper cookware is for one, it is quite expensive. Also, it reacts with the food especially the acidic ones affecting sometimes its color and taste.

Other materials include aluminum and cast iron. Both are good heat conductors and affordable. They just offer the disadvantages of being reactive to the food. Aluminum is soft and easily deteriorates. Cast iron can rust and food easily sticks to it. To give it a non-stick surface it has to be "seasoned" or coated with oil. You can currently find in the market anodized aluminum pans which prevent reactivity since these have been chemically treated.

One of the best alternatives that probably offer the most advantages would be those made of stainless steel. The price is not expensive though it is not within the same range as that of aluminum and cast iron. They are mid-priced, very durable, and best of all non-reactive.

Other factors that you need to consider should be that it is easy to maintain and clean. What should ultimately influence your decision is the type of cooking that you normally do and most importantly if you could afford it. If you want cookware that would last you probably for more years to come, invest in those that offer superior quality and durability.

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