Environmental Style to Your Kitchen Flooring

Want to give your kitchen flooring a much needed update? Put aside boring thoughts of linoleum and consider a more unique choice. Think bamboo and cork. Yes! Bamboo and cork! Never thought about bamboo and cork on your kitchen floor? Here's why you should think about it.

Perhaps the Best Kitchen Flooring Material Mom Never Told You About - Cork

Soft yet Durable

Walking on cork is almost like walking on air, giving you an almost relaxing experience when you walk in your kitchen. And just as cork is soft on the feet, it's also soft on dropped china, possibly saving you money if you're at all clumsy in the kitchen, like me However, you don't need to worry about your cork flooring denting as it always springs back to a flat surface.

It Won't Clash With Your Kitchen

Cork comes in a variety of hues and tones, including red, green and black, so you can easily match your kitchen colors..

Green Kitchen Flooring?

Further, since no trees are actually destroyed when producing cork, it's environmentally friendly - thus, not only will you feel physically comfortable walking on it, you'll also be able to take pride in the knowledge that you're doing your part for environmental preservation!

Sound Sensitive?

Cork doesn't reflect sound as much as other, harder kitchen flooring. This means that it will fight noise pollution in your house, which, if you have kids, is a valuable quality!

Bamboo - Not Just for Pandas

As is Cork, Bamboo is a Friend to the Environment

Fortunately, bamboo is actually a grass. It's not a tree derivative. As a result, deforestation isn't necessary for you to enjoy a bamboo floor. Essentially, by walking day in and day out on bamboo, you're being environmentally conscious.

Nature Will Make Your Kitchen Attractive

Bamboo has the color of really light beer, imparting a gold-like/yellowish glow to your kitchen. The result will be a slightly rustic, yet warm look for your kitchen floor. But, given the limited color choices, bamboo might clash with your existing kitchen colors, so make sure you view it in the store before purchase. In addition, the bamboo often comes in the form of planks with your choice of vertical or horizontal grains, adding a rustic look to your kitchen.

Stronger than Oak

Bamboo might look weak in the wild, leading you to believe it wouldn't make a durable addition to your kitchen. However, believe it or not, bamboo is really stronger than oak. Thus, you don't have to worry. Bamboo is strong enough to stand up to the challenge of your family and furniture.

Should You Consider Bamboo and Cork?

If you want a natural and exotic look for your kitchen, then consider cork or bamboo. But keep in mind, it's often more expensive than traditional flooring material. But if price isn't that great of a concern for you, they could each give you a kitchen worth showing off.

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