Everything You Should Know About Knives

With the increase of celebrity chef's and celebrity chefs programs on our television and the media in general more and more people are trying their hand at cooking exotic dishes. Different methods of food preparation naturally follow when preparing fresh ingredients. Apart from buying professional pots and pans to cook their ingredients in, people are discovering that investing in a good set of chef's knives is as a much popular purchase as any other set of culinary tools.

Now some people would consider one set of knives to be no better than the next set of knives, but as soon as you start paying larger sums of money you quickly notice a difference. The difference can be attributed to a couple of factors, usually sharper blades and a huge difference in the quality of the feel and the surprising lightness in weight when handling the knife, due to a balanced knife feeling smoother and lighter to use.

It is these factors that are generally agreed to separate the mediocre knife sets from the best knife sets available on the market. These knives are the preferred choice of many famous high achieving and celebrity chefs around the world. And the knives regularly appear in the hands of these chef's on many of the programmes mentioned before and can be distinguished by their distinctive black dotted pattern effect on a stainless steel handle.

First designed in 1985 and using century's old Japanese sword making techniques global knives can proudly be known as the company continuing to carry on the ancient samurai sword making tradition. This handcrafted technique coupled with the best modern materials and manufacturing equipment allows the knives to stand out far from the competition. The knives are made from a special ice tempered corrosion resistant high carbon stainless steel called 'Cromova 18' which was an exclusive design.

This allows the knife just the right fine balance of enough hardness to remain sharp but not too much so that it proves too difficult to sharpen. With an edge on the blade that is ground to a steep acute angle on both sides of the blade unlike western bevelled edges the knife gives a much better cut time and time again. The knifes edge is visible to the naked eye as it recedes from the edge of the knife by about quarter of an inch, this coupled with the much thinner blade than that of other chefs knifes allows the knife to stay that much sharper for much longer.

Even when the blade edge gets dull it still stays sharper than most of the competitions knife blades. Their awards for sharpest knives are a glowing testimony to their superior craftsmanship. The knives also have a hollow handle that is filled with a measured amount of sand to create a perfectly balanced knife, the super smooth edges of the knives also elimante bacteria and dirt traps offering better hygiene than other knives. There is a global knife that is perfectly designed for every task from fine vegetable preparation to meat and fish slicing.

The knives once purchased will last a lifetime if cared for and treated correctly, they must not be placed in a dishwasher and cannot be sharpened with steel instead they must be washed by hand and sharpened only with a diamond, ceramic or a medium grade whet stone. It is recommended that your store your knives in a knife block or a magnetic storage rack to avoid contact with other metal objects which can damage the fine blade edge. So if you looking for quality knife that is a joy to use and stays sharper longer than rest then take my word for it and choose a Global Knife.

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