Life without Pots and Pans

Back in the day, cooking food was a difficult task, usually involving exposing the food to open fire or putting it on hot rocks which were heated in an open flame. As mankind became better with forging steel and utilizing resources, pots and pans became ubiquitous and appeared in nearly every kitchen. With the capacity and ability to cook food and control the outcome in pots and pans, the concept of cooking became far less difficult. In fact, there are so many pots and pans available for the skilled cook, choosing cookware can be a difficult task with no shortage of pans and pots to choose from. With all these different types of cookware, there is a vast plethora of nonstick surfaces and different types of products to choose from when selecting pots and pans in the modern-day.

It's interesting to note that in the earliest days of mankind, simply boiling a pot of water was almost an insurmountable task. While there are all manner of archaeological findings which gave credence to the idea that the earliest dishes were clay pots and pans, even before these clay pots and pans came along there was a need for heating and cooking of food, even before pots and pans came along. Many times, these foods were cooked on hot rocks, over an open flame or simply eaten raw. It is a commentary on how advanced our civilization has become that we no longer depend on these somewhat unappealing and difficult methods of preparing food with limited cookware.

Pots and pans are so advanced in the modern-day that much of the work involved in cooking has been eliminated completely. With gas stoves and instant switches that provide heat almost magically from a burner, there is no need to go out and chop firewood or build a roaring flame. With all of the slick, modern day inventions, cooking in the modern day has far exceeded its original intent of survival and has become an art form. With pots and pans leading the way with revolutionary new material and construction design, there are all manner of advantages to cooking at the kitchen stove when compared with primitive man.

When you think of revolutionary advances in cookware technology, you might not consider pots and pans. But with all of the incredible technology that goes into crock pots, slow cookers and pressure cookers, along with all manner of other products that the modern-day kitchen comes equipped with, it becomes readily apparent that cookware in the modern-day has far exceeded that which we originally started out with. These items were not always so easy to come across. In the early days, even clay pots and pans were somewhat difficult to get a hold of and required skill to manufacture. As steel became more and more popular, the pots and pans became more common and cooking has grown so simple and so efficient that rarely do we give it a second thought in the modern-day.

As we have evolved, pots and pans have kept pace with all manner of new technological advancements becoming available on a regular basis. From stainless steel pots at pans to nonstick surfaces that are easy to clean, food preparation and cookware has become far more than just a chore. While in primitive times you might have been required to start a tremendous fire and wait for it to reach the proper temperature, today we simply set a timer and begin cooking. The ease of use with the modern-day pots and pans has made cooking a simple point and click affair.

It is easy enough to take the evolution of pans for granted, but without these extremely fascinating leaps in technology, we would very likely still be cooking food with a hot rock or holding our meat over an open fire. The wonders of modern technology have brought us a long way and mankind has made great advances, not the least of which is the way in which we prepare our food. Without these leaps in technology, mankind would still be subject to all manner of difficulties, not to mention parasites that are easily spread through uncooked foods and unclean surfaces. After all, cooking food on a big rock can't be all that sanitary.

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